As an expat woman working in the Netherlands you may run into cultural obstacles. The Dutch are often considered as upfront, if not blunt. How do you handle the Dutch without becoming offended or offensive yourself? Working in an international organization with co-workers from different countries and walks of life can also cause friction. Misunderstanding, confusion, irritations culminating into exclusion, intimidation, neglecting or other forms of aggression. How do you prevent or handle energy draining surroundings?

In coaching we explore three levels of relations: with yourself (feel), with others (speak) and with your surroundings (lead). I give you the tools to stand in your power, speak your truth and get your needs met without harming yourself or others.

You learn to take better care of yourself, to balance work and private life, to deepen relationships and to set your boundaries. By doing so you will be better equipped to bridge (cultural) differences.

There is no need to struggle any longer on your own!

There are two options for coaching:

1) face to face at my office in Nijmegen. Duration of session: max. 2 hours

2) digital by Zoom. Duration of session max. 40 minutes.

Prior to any session we have a (telephone) call to see if, and what type of, coaching suits your needs best.