Presentation Skills

When preparing a presentation, most part of your attention will go to WHAT you have to say. That’s your expertise. The impact of your speech depends largely on HOW you speak and present yourself. There are physical aspects and structural aspects.

Physical aspects

Body posture, grounding, breathing and eye contact determine your likeability. The challenge is to feel at ease in an uncomfortable situation. I help you to bear the physical, mental and emotional discomfort.

Structural aspects

A coherent structure of your presentation helps your audience to follow your story. An anecdote, a personal touch, a catching first and last line, the way you give room for questions, short sentences and regular pauses allow your audience to really hear what you have to say. I coach you on these aspects.

There are two options for coaching:

1) face to face at my office in Nijmegen. Duration of session: max. 2 hours

2) digital by Zoom. A session lasts max. 40 minutes.

Prior to any session we have a (telephone) call to see if, and what type of, coaching suits your needs best.